cleanroomOur services include the filling of liquids, creams, pastes, powders, granular products and liquids with large particles. We can generate packaging in flexible form to suit both liquid and powders and also have the ability to produce magazine sachet inserts, which have been given approval from leading Australian publishing houses.

Some of our other services are:

  • Colds Storage
  • Clean Rooms
  • Flow Wrapping
  • Tip on cards / Folders
  • Assembly services
  • Shrink Tunnel
  • Small bottle / jar filling runs
  • Development of products
  • Other services are available so please feel free to contact us for more information via our Information Request Form.

coolroomPicProject management

Defining and achieving targets while optimizing or just allocating the use of resources, time, budget, people, materials and space over the course of a project.

Arrowpak has a traditional approach to project management.

From project initiation and project planning to project production, executing monitoring or controlling till the project completion.

Audits may be involved in projects to varying degrees, from post implementation review to thorough involvement of each step in the process.

The planning phase determines the nature and scope of a project, if this stage is not performed well it is unlikely that the project will be successful in meeting the client needs.

Arrowpak understands the business environment and makes sure all necessary controls are incorporated and any deficiencies reported and recommendations made, from conceptual design of a new product, artwork, bulk requirement, equipment and tooling requirements, budget and time lines.