Arrowpak is a 100% Australian owned company with headquarters originally based in Seven Hills, and recently relocated to Penrith, Sydney.

Arrowpak is a leader and a well respected company in the provision of quality, value for money one stop shop sachet/packaging solutions for promotional and retail products to our customers who value innovation, flexibility, timeliness, experience, knowledge, reliability and exceptional customer service since 1978.

Our services include the project management, mixing, blending and packaging of liquids, creams, pastes, powders, granular products and liquids with large particles. We can generate packaging in flexible form to suit both liquid and powders and also have the ability to produce magazine sachet inserts, which have been given approval from leading Australian publishing houses.

Arrowpak continues to supply sachets to many Australian and multinational companies for use both here and overseas. Innovation and reliability have been the keys to our success.

We generally build and service our own machines, keeping costly down time to a bare minimum. Our production procedures are streamlined and time efficient, giving us the ability to react daily to our clients urgent needs.

Arrowpak has established a quality system based in the international standards as created by the ISO. This has been further expanded to cover work involving both liquid, dry and sunscreens. By reference to the Australian code of good manufacturing practice for therapeutic goods. The Commonwealth based TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) audits our factory and records on a regular basis.

Any foods or products that are going to be consumed by people, have been included into the ISO standard we work with. All foods are packaged according to standards set down by HACCP.

The Arrowpak quality system ensures that the on-going expectations and requirements of both Arrowpak and our customers are expertly catered for. Furthermore, it guarantees that the necessary controls and procedures are consistently and adequately applied to meet these requirements. Our quality system defines how effective control is established through documental procedures, and provides a record of our quality related activities. The same TGA systems and procedures are adopted, irrespective of the product being filled, therapeutic, or otherwise.


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